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Used RF Shielding Products

Used RF Screen Room
Used items can offer a terrific savings over the price of a new room - typically 50% or more. However, be aware of the following cautions:
  • DJM Electronics does not offer performance guarantees for any items. Most items can be made to perform adequately, but this is not always the case. Some items listed here may require considerable additional expense to repair or renovate before they will perform at an acceptable level. If you must have a performance guarantee, then you should consider buying new.
  • Payment terms are 50% with the purchase order and 50% upon delivery of the item. No exceptions.
  • Installing many of these items (especially anechoic material) is not as easy as it might appear. We recommend enlisting the services of a professional.

Used Shielded Rooms

Check out our complete page on Used Modular RF Shielded Rooms and Enclosures

Used Screen Rooms

Check out our complete page on Used RF Screen Rooms and Enclosures

Used Anechoic Chambers

Check out our complete page on Used RF Anechoic Chambers for EMC and Antenna Pattern Measurement

Used Anechoic Absorber

 Manufacturer Size
 Location  Notes

None at this time, but check back soon!


 Description  Location  Notes
4x100A Power Filter Panel Seattle, WA Surplus. Never Used. Non-UL
Lindgren DEI Power Filters Seattle, WA Numerous 2x30s and 3x30s
Fire Alarm Filters Seattle, WA 4 wire (2 circuits); horn and strobe
HP 8924C CDMA Mobile Station Test Set Seattle, WA Works but needs to be calibrated
Solar Electronics LISN Tulsa, OK Model 8610-50-PJ-100-N, 12 units
EMCO LISN Tulsa, OK Model 3850/2, 2 units
Rohde & Schwarz LISN Tulsa, OK Model NNLK 8121
Fischer Custom Communications LISN Tulsa, OK Model LISN-4 CISPR Adapter
HP Multimeter Tulsa, OK Model 3457A
Fluke Multimeter Tulsa, OK Model 8502
DATRON Instruments Multimeter Tulsa, OK Model 1062MT
HP Harmonic/Flicker Test System Tulsa, OK Model 6843A
Haefely Magnetic Field Tester Tulsa, OK Model MAG 100.1
Rohde & Schwarz Artifical Mains Network Tulsa, OK Model ESH 2 Z5 338.5129.53
HP Test Equipment Rack Tulsa, OK Model 85900A
Electro-Metrics Dipoles Tulsa, OK Model EM-6929-1

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